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A bit of luck needs to come my way please

Heard from Harper Collin’s Aussie today and was told that while they liked The Brazilian Job and that I am a competent writer who in a different market is someone they would consider building on that with the publishing market they way it is ie already published writer’s feeling the pinch – the timing is not right and I should consider e-books. Problem is e-books are just as hard to break into so come on somebody give me a break please! 

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Hello, my name is Michelle Vernal and after years of sniggering at the tele advert I now find myself falling into the age bracket of women who - when jumping on trampolines, skipping or laughing excessively - my from time to time suffer from LBS. I live in the gorgeous wee South Island town of Oxford in New Zealand where the cheese scones are superb and there is always loads more going on than meets the eye. My hubby Paul has been busy renovating our cottage in between working flat out so that I can spend my days tip tapping on the computer for the last few years. These days home is looking pretty fab. It sits on a nice big section where one day my tomatoes will ripen and my Annabel Langbein / Hugh Fearnely-wotsit organic lifestyle fantasy will become reality. In the meantime though there is heaps of room for our two boys Joshua aged ten and Daniel who is eight to run around along with the cat Blue, the two strays who now call our back porch home and the hens who are not feeling the love and refuse to lay. When the boys are at school and I am not lamenting life with my walking buddies or if it is that time of the month, hibernating while I snaffle the aforementioned cheese scones I write. This is something I came to later in life when Joshua was a baby and having those lovely long day sleeps. I happily penned PC opinion style pieces for various NZ parenting magazines but when Daniel was born I decided to set myself the challenge of writing a book. The joy of writing my first novel was the freedom to be oh so un-PC hence its title The Brazilian Job. When it was finished I sent it off to all the big houses and then sat back waiting to find myself transported onto the road to fame and fortune. Sadly my feet stayed firmly planted in the suburb of Christchurch where we used to live. A gap year spent travelling distracted me for a while but when we got back and moved to the good life in Oxford I decided to try again. This time I self-published with a small Orewa based firm and sold my novel on-line and through the best little shop in town, Emma's at Oxford. I became world famous in Oxford and it was fun while it lasted but it wasn't the dream. The dream was to be published by a major publishing house and until that happened I didn't really feel I could call myself a writer. Eventually though The Brazilian Job, thanks to Emma shoving it under the nose of a Penguin Rep came to their attention and I received an email that saw me hyperventilating and Mum hot footing it down to Emma's shop with a bottle of champers. It was all systems go only it wasn't because Penguin restructured and my book went by the by. Determined not to let the experience get me down I got back on the proverbial horse and wrote two more novels which in hindsight were fairly awful but I was desperate to keep in with the publishing houses while they still knew my name. In the meantime I kept submitting The Brazilian Job which thanks to the Manuscript Monday process had interest shown in it by Pan MacMillan Australia. I spent a year editing it for them which was a great learning curve while using all this new found knowledge to write my fourth novel titled Second Hand Jane. The Brazilian Job was knocked back at the last hurdle with Pan. This was in the week before Christmas and it was a good job Paul bought me some really cool stuff for Christmas. Someone once described me a glutton for punishment but I think I am just a really stubborn and determined old Goat (Capricorn) and I am glad I am. The publishing world has changed thanks to the likes of Amazon and these day both The Brazilian Job and Second-hand Jane are published with them. They are both light, funny reads with an underlying serious theme and are available in both hard copy and e-books. Yippee I am officially a published author whose books are taking off! My third novel Being Shirley (originally titled Finding Yanni but with a last minute title change due to an e-mail from the maestro's lawyers worried about brand confusion) was released in July. I am currently working on two short stories with Being Shirley's sequel titled The Little Black Cat of Naxos bubbling away at the back of my mind. I hope you enjoy my blog and my books - Happy Reading, Michelle x


  1. The sort of day I’ve had today and the past 11 weeks have pushed me to limit. Give me their number I’m in the mood to straighten someone out.
    You’d visit me in prison if you were ever in Melbourne wouldn’t you?

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